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Kikoin Michael Konstantinovich
May 14, 1892 (Rezhitsa, Vitebsk province) — November 4, 1968 (Paris)  Painter  Brother of the eminent physicist and academician Isaak Kikoin.  Michael Kikoin studied at the Y. M. Kruger’s art school in Minsk; in 1909–1912 he studied at Vilna Art College. In 1912 Kikoin moved to Paris, lived in the young artist’s residence La Ruche in Montparnasse. Kikoin attended the National School of Fine Arts, the studio of F. Cormon. Kikoin met the representative of the French school of painting Chaim Soutine and became his follower in art.  When the First World War began, Kikoin together with Soutine wanted to volunteer for the Foreign Legion, but Kikoin was refused for health reason.  Since 1914 Kikoin exposed his works at the Autumn Salon, Salon of Independents. His personal exhibitions were held in the galleries Cheron (1920, according to other information — 1915, 1918), Licorne (1917), Netter (1924), Bernheim (1927), Billiet (1933); later — in Montpelier, New York, Paris, London and other cities. In 1928 Kikoin exposed his paintings at the exhibition of modern French art in Moscow.  In 1933 Kikoin opened his own workshop in Montparnasse and painted there until his death. The First retrospective exhibition of his works was held in 1962 in Cagnes-sur-Mer. Kikoin exposed his paintings at the exhibitions Russian artists–emigrants in Paris (London, 1954), Soutine and his circle (New York, 1959), Russian artists of French school (Paris, 1961)  Kikoin painted landscapes, portraits, still lifes, nudes in P. Bonnard’s and Ch. Soutine’s style. Kikoin’s paintings were characterized by expressiveness, bright colors, special treatment of light and shade. The painter tried to identify suffering and dramatic tension through simple forms.  Paintings by Michael Kikoin are in museums of France, USA, Japan, and in private collections.
A man's portrait. Self-portrait
Year: 1967
Genre: Graphics
Technique: Бумага, гуашь, Бумага верже
Size: 53,5х44,7
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