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Конфискованные картины Кузнецова и Буллок выставят в музее «Новый Иерусалим»
Три полотна из числа конфискованных картин бывшего министра финансов Московской области и его бывшей жены будут представлены на выставке «Цвет. 90 шедевров из музеев Подмосковья», которая пройдет с 28 сентября по 29 марта 2019 года »
23 Сентябрь 2019
Открыты 297-е торги AI Аукциона
Традиционные двадцать лотов AI Аукциона — это одиннадцать живописных работ, пять листов оригинальной графики, три работы в смешанной технике и одна деревянная скульптура »
23 Сентябрь 2019
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Larionov Mikhail Fedorovich
painter, graphic artist, stage designer. was a military assistant. He spent his childhood in southern Russia, where in adulthood often returned for the summer studies. In 1898 entered the Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture, where intermittent (three times expelled for his artistic free-thinking), he studied until 1910 at Korovin and Valentin Serov. In 1900, the school also met with NS Goncharova, which later became his wife and co-authored many of his works. Since early 1900 Larionov was actively involved in the artistic life, exhibiting not only in Russia but also in Europe. Great influence on him at that time provided the French painters, and learning period of his work can be called impressionist. In 1904, he created such paintings as "a rose-bush", "Sad", "Fish at sunset, full of lust for life, with a bright color palette and rich scenic textures. Larionov exhibited these and similar works in the exhibitions the Society of Russian watercolors, CPX, "World of Art" at the Russian exhibition Salon d'Automne in Paris in 1906 - and everywhere his paintings were a great success. In 1907-1912 the artist moved away somewhat from Impressionism and began development of urban-iso folklore, adopting the techniques of painting signs and tray, lubok, etc. In the spirit of "primitive" were written series "Franta" "Hairdressers" (1907) and scenes of provincial life. In 1910 Larionov joined the association "The Knave of Diamonds", the exhibition which was shown painting "Bread", reminiscent of a bakery sign. Primitivism Larionov find sources of inspiration, even in drawings and inscriptions on the walls. In the period of cooperation with the Futurist poet, Larionov illustrating their publications (for example, "Lipstick" Torsion in 1912), performed a series of lithographed cards, repeating his paintings, is actively engaged in graphics. Published in tiny print runs, these postcards and books are now of great value. leaving the Jack of Diamonds "in 1912, he organized the exhibition" Donkey's Tail "to exhibit his works from the" soldier's series, "written after his military service in 1910, in particular," Resting soldiers (1911 ), where the good-natured humor is interspersed with the everyday drama grotesque, and "Target" (1913). In 1913, together with IM Zdaneviches and MV Le Dante Larionov arranged extravagant "futuristic rides" in Moscow, included in the number of first happenings, and, together with IM Zdaneviches also published a manifesto, "Why We painted by». At the exhibitions "Targets" Larionov, presented the work of the unfinished cycle "Venus" and the canvas four "Seasons" (1912), regarded by critics as a challenge. They used the language of children's drawings and archaic symbols, supplemented unpretentious text. "Target" was the high point of artistic ideas Larionov. In 1913, a debate on "target" "East, West and nationality, he made clear his" eastern "orientation and a report on Rayonism - a new concept of abstract art in the discharge of so-called" non-figurative art, where the shape formed by the intersection of rays reflected from various objects. In the same 1913 Larionov published a pamphlet "Rayonism" manifesto "radiant and buduschniki", which formulated the theory of the new trend. At "Targets" and the subsequent exhibition was luchistskie Larionov's painting "The cock and hen", "Radiant mackerel and sausages", "14. Futurists, radiant, primitive "(all - 1914)," 1915 "and others. In 1914, Larionov was mobilized for World War I, soon suffered a concussion and injuries on the reserve. In 1915 at the invitation of Sergei Diaghilev participate in its Private Company, together with his wife went to Paris. By joining the company "Russian Ballet" designed the ballet "Russian fairy tales to music by Liadov, AK (1916)," Jester "Prokofiev (1921)," Renard, Rooster , Kota Baran yes "Stravinsky (1922), etc. In 1920 Larionov became artistic adviser to Diaghilev, who, under his influence, invited artists to co-modernists. In painting, this time the master came back to the early, figurative manner of writing, to the chamber genre and still life. He has been active in drawing, participated in exhibitions, I became interested in collecting. In his later years devoted much time to literary work - writing memoirs, articles on Russian art. bequest AK Tomilin (Larionov's second wife), a significant part of its artistic heritage in 1988 transferred to the Tretyakov Gallery, which now mostly made and kept by the artist. Larionov's works are in the SRM and other museum collections and private collections in Russia and abroad.
Девочка на пляже. Лист из серии пошуаров "Путешествие в Турцию".
Year: конец 1920-х
Genre: Graphics
Technique: гуашь, Бумага серая, трафарет
Size: 28.5х20.7
Price on request
Девочка. Лист из серии пошуаров "Путешествие в Турцию".
Year: Около 1928
Genre: Graphics
Technique: Бумага, гуашь, трафарет
Size: 28х20.7
Price on request
Курильщик. Лист из серии пошуаров "Путешествие в Турцию"
Year: около 1928
Technique: гуашь, Бумага серая, трафарет
Size: 28.5х20.7
Price on request
Portrait of S. P. Diaghilev
Year: 1940-1950-е
Genre: Graphics
Technique: графитный карандаш, Бумага папиросная
Size: 26 x 19.5
Price: 4500 USD
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