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Andreev Vyacheslav Andreevich
Sculptor, graphic artist Andreev was a brother of famous sculptor N. A. Andreev. He studied at the Central Stroganov School of Technical Drawing — Central Stroganov School of Industrial Art (1901–1912) under P. P. Pashkov, D. A. Sherbinovsky, N. A. Andreev; he graduated with the title of the artist of the 1st degree. In 1914 Andreev joined the army and was imprisoned until 1918. He lived in Moscow. After the October Revolution Andreev took an active part in the implementation of the Plan of Monumental Propaganda: he helped his brother with the creation of the statue Freedom for the obelisk The Soviet Constitution in Moscow, a number of busts of the Revolution Figures for the Central Executive Committee hall in the Kremlin, monuments to A. I. Hertzen and N. P. Ogarev in front of Moscow State University building, memorial plaques on the buildings of Moscow. Since 1920 Andreev worked independently in the field of monumental and easel sculpture; painted portraits, genre compositions. He performed Worker and Peasant figures (both — 1923) for the All-Union Agricultural Exhibition, several project of the monument to A. N. Ostrovsky (1923; the 2nd and the 4th prize at the competition), busts of N. E. Zhukovsky (1926–1931), the project of the monument Digging Over (“Perekop”, 1939). For the Pavilion of USSR at the World Exhibition in New York (1939), Andreev created the Worker with the star figure. He is author of portraits: V. I. Lenin (1924, 1925, 1937), D. Bedny (1925), M. D. Kosheleva (1927), N. A. Andreev (1934), A. S. Pushkin (1935), B. M. Iofan (1944); author of figures and genre compositions: Workers-riveters (1928), Worker-inventor, Weaver (both — 1929), Worker with a jackhammer (1930), Gymnast Girl (1934), After swimming (1935), Metal-workers (1937), Red Army men (1940–1941). After the death of his brother, Andreev finished the statue Lenin — the leader. In 1936 he carved it out of marble. In 1939–1945 he performed a large number of sketches and models for the project of the design of the Palace of Soviets in Moscow. In 1944–1945 he created a number of figures (Commander, Pilot, Scout, and Partisan) for the Baumanskaya metro station. Since 1919 Andreev participated in exhibitions: exhibition of projects of the first competition for the design of the Karl Marx monument organized by Moscow City Council in Khodynskoe field in Moscow. Andreev was a member of the Society of Russian Sculptors (1927, 1929, 1931). He participated in exhibitions: the National Art Exhibition of contemporary sculpture, the Permanent Art Exhibition (both — 1926), the Exhibition of works of Art by the 10th anniversary of the October Revolution (1928), the Exhibition of works of artists, sent on a mission to the regions of industrial building and collective farms (1932), Artists of the RSFSR for 15 years, 15 years of the Red Army (both — 1933) in Moscow and others. Personal exhibition of Andreev was held in Moscow in 1958. Works by Vyacheslav Andreev are in many museum collections, including the State Tretyakov Gallery, the State Historical Museum and others.      
The portrait of the artist N. Nesterov
Year: 1910-е
Genre: Graphics
Technique: Бумага, графитный карандаш, цветной карандаш
Size: 29,8 х 23
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