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В пятницу, 18 октября, заканчивается AI Аукцион № 300
Завтра в 12:00 начнем подводить итоги наших торгов »
17 Октябрь 2019
«Хеннесси» выпустил коньяк с графикой Филипе Пантоне
Внутри — 0,7 литра коньяка выдержки Very Special с ароматами яблок, винограда, изюма и ноткой ванили »
15 Октябрь 2019
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Luchishkin Sergey Alexandrovich
Painter, graphic artist, monumental painter, scene-designer  Sergey Luchishkin studied at the State Free Art Studios — the Higher State Artistic and Technical Workshops (VKhUTEMAS) under the guidance of N. A. Udaltsova, L. S. Popova, and A. A. Exter in Moscow (1919–1924). He participated in different exhibitions since 1924. Luchishkin was a member of the group Projectionists (1922), the society of Easel Artists (OST, 1925), and the group Izobrigada (“Group of Art Workers”, 1930).  Luchishkin was a head and creative director of the Projection Theatre (1923–1932). He also took part in scene design of the film Circus (1935). His style of painting was close to constructivism and expressionism. His works were characterized by considered composition, detailed graphics and dynamism.  Luchishkin was one of the most famous philatelists in the world. He was awarded gold and silver medals for his stamp collections at the international exhibitions in Paris. He collected full collections of stamps, which were dedicated to French impressionists.
Village landscape. Shemyatovka
Year: 1922
Genre: Graphics
Technique: Бумага, карандаш
Size: 15,5х26,5
Price on request
The still life
Year: 1920
Genre: Painting
Technique: масло, Холст
Size: 71х53
Price on request
На террасе
Year: вт. треть ХХ в.
Genre: Painting
Technique: масло, Холст
Size: 49,3х68
Price on request
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