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Pestel Vera Efimovna
painter, graphic artist, set designer studied in a private studio E. Faliz (1902-1903), the central Stroganov School of Industrial Art (1903-1905), school of painting and drawing, KF Juon and I . O. Dudin (1906-1907) in Moscow, the studio KE Kish (1909-1911) in Budapest, the Academy "La Palette" (1912) in Paris at the A. Le Fauconnier and Jean Metzinger. Attend private art studios in Munich, worked in a collective free workshop M. Larionov "Tower" in Moscow. lived in Moscow. Traveled to Italy and Germany (1907). In the late 1900's - early 1910-s has moved closer to LS Popova, NA Udaltsova, VE Tatlin, LF ; Zhegin; passed through passion Cubism, Futurism, Suprematism expressed an interest in Malevich. Member of Malevich "Supremus". Create still lifes, portraits, landscapes, abstract compositions. She studied magazine graphics, monumental painting. In late 1910-s participated in the festive decoration Moscow for revolutionary holidays. In the early 1920's moved away from the non-figurative art and began to work in the spirit of lyrical realism. participated in the Futurist exhibition "0.10" (1915), exhibitions at the Art Bureau of NE Dobychina (1916-1917) in Petrograd, "Top" (1916) in Moscow . Exhibitor association "Union of Youth", "Jack of Diamonds" (1916), "World of Art" (1917, 1921). Member and exhibitor companies "Makovets" (1922, 1924-1925), "Way of Painting" (1927, 1930). In the Soviet years participated in the 1 st exhibition of paintings of a trade union of artists (1918), 5 th National exhibition of paintings ( "From Impressionism to the subjective art"; 1918-1919) in Moscow, the 3rd exhibition of paintings (1919) in Ryazan 1-st Russian Art Exhibition (1922) in Berlin, VII group exhibition "L'Arena" ( "Spider", 1925) in Paris and others. In 1920-30's taught in established AV Bakushinskii School "Children's art" in Moscow; belonged to the proponents of free education. work out the theoretical aspects of this teaching course. Believed that the child initially hidden creative forces, the release of which should contribute to the pedagogical process. Paid particular attention to aesthetic education of children. of Products Pestel located in major museum collections, including the State Tretyakov Gallery, State Russian Museum, Saratov State Art Museum im. Radishshev.
The interior
Year: 1930
Genre: Painting
Technique: масло, Холст
Size: 53х73
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