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Petritsky Anatoly Galaktionovich
painter, graphic designer, art theoretician. received his education in 1910-1918 at the Kiev Art School from AA Murashko. Since 1914 regularly participated in the Ukrainian and Russian exhibitions. From 1917 he worked as a designer, has been influenced by A. Exter. He was engaged in the creation of posters and campaign posters. In early 1920 he moved to Moscow. In 1922, together with Goleizovsky worked eccentric dancing in Moscow Chamber Ballet. In 1922-1924 attended classes in VHUTEMAS, where he studied under the direction of AD Drevin and NA Udaltsova. Implemented a number of non-objective paintings and drawings. in 1924 created the costumes and scenery on Wagner's opera "Tristan and Isolde" (staging not performed). 1925 exhibited his works at the International Exhibition of art and decorative arts in Paris. In 1925 he moved to Kharkov. He worked as a cartoonist and book illustrator, wrote easel paintings on the theme of life of workers. Engaged in scenography, has collaborated with various Ukrainian theater. In 1925 designed the opera, Mussorgsky "Sorochinskaya Fair" in the Ukrainian Metropolitan Opera in Kharkov, in 1933 - the play "Women of our country" IK Mikitenko in Kharkiv Theater of the Revolution. In 1928-1932 created a series of portraits of Ukrainian literature and theater. In 1944 he was awarded the title People's Artist of the USSR. In 1948 and 1950 for the design of performances "Makar Dubrava" and "Kalinovaya Grove" AE Korneychuck in Kiev Drama Theater. CRUSL awarded the USSR State Prize. In the 1940 - 1950 worked with the Bolshoi Theater in Moscow, in particular, has created costumes and scenery for the opera Yu Shaporin "Decembrists" (1953). In 1946-1950 he taught at the Kiev Art Institute from 1947 - professor. In 1981 a book was published memoirs of the artist. Petritsky - one of the leading representatives of Ukrainian avant-garde 1920's, along with AK Bogomazova, VD Yermilov, Lesem Kurbasov and others. In the early work was influenced by the ideas of Impressionism and post-impressionism. In 1920 he worked as a constructivist. In the 1930's individual style has changed again, Petritsky away from constructivism, guided in his work on the traditions of Ukrainian folk art. In his paintings, sketches of costumes and scenery of the late period is characterized by the sound of color and ornamentation. works are in many museum and private collections. 
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