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Sooster Yullo Ilhmar Johannesovich
Painter. studied at the Tartu State Art Institute (1945-1949). Subjected to repression in 1949 with a group of fellow students on charges of anti-Soviet propaganda and the creation of a terrorist group that intends to seize the plane to escape to France (in fact, covered the internship in Paris). All the works are in the studio, was ordered to burn. sentenced to 10 years in the camps. Released and rehabilitated in 1956. From 1957 he lived in Moscow for a living design magazines and books (published by "Knowledge" and others). Besides working on the orders of the publishing house "Knowledge", Sooster as an art director with his friend and colleague Yuri Sobolev-Nolevym made the cartoon "The Glass Harmonica" (directed by Andrei Khrzhanovsky, 1968) to music by Alfred Schnittke, written specifically for this project. This animated film was banned in 1969. Sooster Contemporaries remember him primarily as a philosopher, an intellectual, a man who contemplates on the basics of the universe. It is no accident, perhaps, the backbone of his work became the subject Image eggs - a symbol of the primary source of life, a symbol of the resurrection of Christ, the symbol of a miracle among the Jews, the symbol of the sun among the ancient Egyptians and even a symbol of victory over death. Another frequently recurring theme Sooster steel junipers - of the forty thousand shrubs, which catch a glimpse of him in a dream and that he had not had time to finish. His paintings often represent a surreal mystery ( "Landscape with the eyes", 1968). Sooster - exponential numerous domestic and foreign exhibitions, including exhibitions of artists' studios Belutin B. Communist Street. (Taganka ") with the participation of E. Unknown, Sobolev-Noleva, V. Yankylevsky (1962). Participated in the exhibition "30 years MOSKh" in the Manege (Moscow, 1962). According to Lydia Sooster, Khrushchev, "assessing" a lunar landscape on a canvas, offering instead to send the author of the Moon "in plein air" in the camp. But after learning that Sooster in the camps have already been decided to reclaim his. Today Sooster the best pictures are stored in museum collections and private collections, including the Moscow Museum of Modern Art, the Museum of Fine Arts, Estonia, Zimmerly Museum of Rutgers University (New Jersey, USA), Tartu Museum of Art ( Estonia).
Ландшафт с глазами
Year: 1968
Genre: Painting
Technique: Картон, масло
Size: 48х62
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