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Khodasevich Valentina Mikhailovna
painter, graphic artist, set designer. niece of the poet VF Khodasevich. In the late 1900's, attended Sunday classes Stroganov School of Industrial Art and the school-studio FI Rerberg. In 1910-1911 she studied in Munich in the studio Haberman, in 1911-1912 in the Paris Academy of Viti at C. Van Dongen. Upon his return to Moscow in 1912, worked in the studio VE Tatlin Ostozhenka. In the same year took part in the exhibitions. In 1913 she married artist A. Diederiks and moved to St. Petersburg. Around 1914 moved closer to the circle of artists and critics, grouped around the journal "Apollo". In 1916 he became acquainted with the writer Maxim Gorky, fulfilled his portrait. In 1917, among other artists worked on the murals interior Cafe Pittoresk "in Moscow. In 1918 participated in the agitation design of streets and squares of Petrograd to the first anniversary of the October Revolution. In 1919 she made her debut as a theater artist, creating scenery for a play staged by NS Gumilev "Tree transformations. In 1919-1922 worked closely with S. Radlov in Petrograd Theater folk comedy, for which the shape to 12 performances, including mime J. BG Deburau "Harlequin-skeleton, or jealous Pierrot "(1921), Jean-Baptiste Moliere's comedy" Monsieur de Pursonyak "(1921). She has also worked for the Bolshoi Drama Theater in St. Petersburg (created costumes and scenery for the comedy "Twins" Plautus, 1923), the Academic Drama Theater in Leningrad ( "registered" Othello "by William Shakespeare, 1927), Theater of Comedy" in Leningrad ( "Volpone, or the Fox" B. Johnson, 1929). In 1922 at the invitation of Gorky half lived near Berlin, has created a graphic series "Berlin Night" - one of the most famous of his works in the field of easel graphics. In 1924-1925, visited London, Paris, traveled in Italy. In 1928, stayed with Maxim Gorky in Sorrento. In 1930, the ballet has issued DS Shostakovich's "Golden Age" in the Leningrad Academic Opera and Ballet Theater. In 1932-1936 - chief artist of the theater. Since 1937 worked in the magazine "USSR in Construction». At the beginning of the Second World War evacuated to Perm, then - in Tashkent. In 1943-1945 she lived in Moscow. In 1945, returned to Leningrad. Since 1953 he lived permanently in Moscow. After addition of Munich and Paris School of Tatlin, Khodasevich perpetuating the love of clear faceted forms, clear plastic constructive. Her art inherent irony, grotesque, showiness and eccentricity. Especially these traits manifested themselves in theatrical sketches, but they are present in the easel chart. Often in his work used techniques of advertising, installation, design. creativity of the artist is represented in many museums in Russia, including GMII im. Pushkin State Russian Museum, as well as in private collections.
Эскиз рыцаря Боэмунда. Раймонда. Балет А. Глазунова.
Year: 1938
Genre: Graphics
Technique: Бумага, гуашь, графитный карандаш
Size: 31,5 × 21,8
Price on request
Эскиз костюма Гусара к балету В. Асафьева «Бахчисарайский фонтан»
Year: 1934
Genre: Graphics
Technique: Бумага, гуашь, графитный карандаш
Size: 29,6х23,7
Price on request
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