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Yakovlev Vladimir Igorevich
Graphic artist, painter. Vladimir Yakovlev - Hereditary painter, grandson of the artist M. Yakovlev, a member of the Union of Russian Artists. The family settled in Moscow in 1937 and returned here from the evacuation in 1944. Yakovlev scarcely studied, graduated 6 classes. From 1949 he worked in publishing house "Art" retoucher and photo library custodian, the specialty of the photographer. started painting under the influence of art exhibitions organized during the World Festival of Youth and Students in 1957. In the same year, became acquainted with artist V. Sitnikov, but as a painter emerged largely independently. His work late 1950's - is mostly an abstraction. Distinctive creative style of the artist was formed later - in the early 1960's. Then came his expressive-primitivist portraits and, of course, the famous "flowers" made in the artist's favorite technique - gouache on paper. Homogeneous plots cycles of paintings and graphic sheets Yakovlev composed together into a continuous "stream" beautiful mind. his first personal exhibition became "apartment" of the exhibition, the earliest of which was held in 1959 in Moscow. In 1962 he took part in the exhibition "12 Moscow artists" in Moscow club "Friendship" on the highway of Enthusiasts, in 1963 held one-day exhibition Yakovlev (with E. A. Steinberg) in the museum FM ; Dostoevsky in Moscow, and in 1968 - also in conjunction with Steinberg exhibition in the exhibition hall of the youth section of MOSH. In 1975 he was the exhibitors in the pavilion "Beekeeping" at VDNH. In 1976, Yakovlev joined the city committee of graphic artists, and in 1979 and 1980 was on display at his exhibition at the Little Georgia. in 1990-1991 participated in the exhibition "The Other Art". Moscow. 1956-1976 "(GTG). overseas debut of the artist was the exhibition "Russian Avant-garde in today's Moscow" in the Gallery Gmurzhinska in Cologne (Germany) in 1970, the same year he participated in the exhibition Nuove correnti a Mosca (Museo Belle Arti, Lugano, Switzerland) in 1974 - Progressive Stromungen in Moskau 1957-1970 (Museum Bochum, Bochum, Germany) in 1977 - at the Biennale in Venice, as well as in Saulgau, Paris, London, Washington, Paris, Tokyo, etc. In 1994, Yakovlev was held solo exhibition at the State Tretyakov Gallery (Moscow). much time the artist spent in psychiatric hospitals, the last thirty years of his life was almost blind. Since 1986, remains permanently in the mental institution, where he died. works are in collections of major museums of Russia: the State Tretyakov Gallery, National Center for Contemporary Art, Museum Rossiyskogo State Humanitarian University, the Museum of Contemporary Art (Moscow), many foreign museums and private collections .
Year: 1991
Genre: Graphics
Technique: Бумага, гуашь, акварель
Size: 74х52
Price on request
Мужской портрет
Year: 1990
Genre: Graphics
Technique: Бумага, смешанная техника
Size: 60х42 в свету
Price on request
Genre: Painting
Technique: масло, Фанера
Size: 49 × 80
Price on request
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