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Andreenko Michael Fedorovich
Painter, scene-designer, writer Mikhail Andreenko was a relative of the sculptor B. V. Eduards and the artist A. Maksimovich. In 1912 he finished gymnasium; in the same year he entered the faculty of law at St. Petersburg University and the Drawing School under the Society for the Encouragement of the Arts (OPKh). He studied under the guidance of A. A. Rylov, N. K. Rerikh and I. Y. Bilibin. Andreenko painted in cubistic style. Since 1914 Andreenko began to expose his works in Russia and abroad. In 1916–1917 he participated in the exhibitions in the Art Bureau of N. E. Dobychina in Petrograd. He drew illustrations for newspapers and for the magazineGolos Zhizni (“The Voice of the Life”) by D. Filosofov. He created ex libris, scene designs in the theatre of the Society for Literature and Arts. In 1918 Andreenko graduated from the University and moved to Odessa. He worked in the Chamber theatre; he was engaged in scene-design, he designed the performances by stage director K. Miklashevsky. After Revolution, in January 1920, Andreenko immigrated to Rumania illegally. For some time he worked as a scene-designer in the Royal Opera House in Bucharest. In 1921–1923 Andreenko lived in Prague, created scene-designs in the Russian Chamber Theatre and in the German Theatre (now Prague State Opera House). Since December 1923 Andreenko lived in Paris. He designed the performances of the F. F. Komissarzhevsky’s troupe; he also began to work in cinema. In 1925 he took part in the exhibition 33 Russian artists in the café La Rotonde. In 1926 Andreenko participated in the International theatre exhibition in New York, in 1927 — in the All-Ukrainian exhibition dedicated to the 10th anniversary of October Revolution. Andreenko often took part in the Autumn Salon, the Salon of Independents and others. In 1960s–1970s a lot of personal exhibitions of the artist were held in the galleries of Amsterdam, Geneva, Paris, Berlin, Rome and other cities. He also participated in many group exhibitions. He published art critic articles, aesthetic essays and stories in the emigrant’s magazines and newspapers. He collaborated with the Novyi Zhurnal (“The New Magazine”) and the magazine Vozrozhdenie (“Renaissance”). In 1920s–1930s Mikhail Andreenko painted in surrealistic and cubistic styles (The Bather, 1926). In 1958 he discovered constructivism: he used sand, clay and wire for his constructions. However he continued to paint landscapes. Andreenko was buried in the Sainte-Geneviève-des-Bois Cemetery. Works by Mikhail Andreenko are in many museum collections, including the Museum of Modern Art in Paris, the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, in the Austrian National Library in Vienna and others.
Sketch of women's dress
Year: 1930
Genre: Graphics
Technique: Бумага, акварель, тушь, перо, белила, серебряная краска
Size: 36.5х23.5
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