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Mashkov Ilya Ivanovich
Painter, graphic artist graduated from parochial school. Original art education in the gymnasium at Borisoglebskaya NA Evseeva. In 1900-1909 he studied at MUZHVZ in NA Kasatkin, A. Arkhipov, L. Pasternak, V. Serov and K. Korovin (the course did not finish). Over the sketch and the picture was awarded two silver medals. Made friends with many young artists - PV Kuznetsov, MS Saryan, Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin, as well as with the masters of the future union of "Jack of Diamonds" - Pyotr Konchalovsky, AV Lentulov, VV Rozhdestvensky, AV Kuprin. in 1904 opened his own school-studio in Moscow, where students at different times were Robert Falk, PP Sokolov-Skalya, V. Mukhina, AD Goncharov and others (in 1925 transformed into a central studio AHRR). Since 1904 - participant of exhibitions. In 1910 he became a founding member and regular exhibitors of the "Knave of Diamonds". In 1916 he joined the association "World of Art". Exhibitors "Golden Fleece", Salon VA Izdebsky (1909-1910). In 1918 took part in a festive decoration of streets and squares of Moscow to the first anniversary of the October Revolution. In 1918, he worked in the College of Fine Arts Narcompros. In 1918-1930 he taught at the State of free art workshops - Higher Art - Vhuteine. In 1924 it entered AHRR since 1927 - Member of the Society of Moscow Artists. Participant of many exhibitions of Soviet art abroad - in Berlin (1922), New York (1924), Venice (1924 and 1932), Toronto, Los Angeles (both - 1925), Harbin (1926), Tokyo (1927) , Berlin, Vienna, Prague, Stockholm, Oslo, Copenhagen (traveling, 1927-1928), Cologne (1929) and others. In 1928 he was awarded the title of Honored Artist of the RSFSR. In the 1930's made a number of creative assignments - in the Caucasus, in Crimea. Had lived and worked in the village Mihaylovskaya, where he organized exemplary house of socialist culture. exhibition of paintings was held in 2005 in Moscow. Mashkov - a master of domestic painting of the first half of the twentieth century. In early works (1900-e - 1910) was influenced by P. Cezanne and Cubism, enjoyed the futuristic methods, turned to the traditions of street signs, people's pictures. The works of these years, different forms of intentional deformation, sensual specifically, the expressiveness of contour drawing, juicy pasty manner of writing. In the early 1920's moved away from the principles of "Jack of Diamonds" in the direction of classical art, striving in his work "vital to the reliability of the depicted, more direct translation of the material richness of the world». Mashkova works are in many museum collections, including the State Tretyakov Gallery, State Russian Museum, the Volgograd Museum of Fine Arts and others.
Крым. Артек. Эскиз оформления банкетного зала гостиницы "Москва".
Year: 1937-1938
Genre: Painting
Technique: масло, Холст
Size: 73х36,5
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