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Klever Yuly Yulievich
painter and graphic artist. born in the family of Professor University of Dorpat. From 1867 he studied at the IAH, first as an irregular student at the architectural office, from 1868 - a constant student in landscape classes at SM Vorobiev and Mikhail Klodt. In 1870, a picturesque sketches "from Dorpat" and "Out of the Tsar's village" was awarded the small and large silver medals. Despite the successes course is not finished. In 1876, for painting "Winter" and "First Snow" received the title of class artist 1-st degree. In 1878, for the painting "The abandoned park in Marienburg" was awarded the title of academician. In 1879 he traveled to the island Norgay in Estonia. In 1880 he traveled in Russia and Europe. In 1880-1881 he studied landscape painting in Germany. In 1881, for the painting "Forest" was promoted to professor IAH. In 1882, 1883, 1884, 1885 in St. Petersburg were held solo exhibitions of the artist. At the end of 1880 worked on the device of the park and decoration of the mansion AG Kuznetsova estate Foros in the Crimea, for which he wrote fifteen pictorial panels. In 1890 was recruited as a witness in the case of abuse conference Secretary IAH PF Isaeva. In this connection, temporarily left Russia a few years living in Germany. In the late 1890's, returned to his homeland. He lived in St. Petersburg, in the province of Smolensk, Belarus, the Baltic States. He taught in their own studio in Riga. Participated in exhibitions of IAH, the Moscow Society of Art Lovers, the St. Petersburg Society of Artists, Society for the Encouragement of Arts, also has exhibited his work at the World Exhibition in Vienna (1873), the International Exhibition in Philadelphia (1876), Berlin (1880, 1883, 1888) and Munich (1879, 1888, 1891), Paris Salon (1882, 1884). worked almost exclusively as a landscape painter. Thanks to the highest picturesque paintings Klever skills were in demand and customers were already collector's items at the XIX-XX centuries, and several works by the artist got in his collection of P. Tretyakov. sons Klever - Oscar Yulievich (1876-1975) and Julius Yulievich (1879-1942) - also became a painter. Works clover older are in many museum collections, including the State Tretyakov Gallery, State Russian Museum.
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