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Открыты 292-е торги AI Аукциона
Традиционные двадцать лотов AI Аукциона — это восемь живописных работ, восемь листов оригинальной и два — печатной графики и две работы в смешанной технике »
19 Август 2019
Питерская фирма выпустила модные носки с шедеврами Третьяковской галереи
Это те же, что ранее сделали носки «Третьяковский авангард» с супрематическими композициями. В новой серии St.Friday Socks замахнулись на русскую классику из учебников. Она так и называется: «Хиты Третьяковской галереи» »
19 Август 2019
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Vasnetsov Victor Mihailovich
painter, graphic artist, architect, artist arts and crafts, a sculptor. born in the family of a village priest, elder brother of the artist Apollinaria Vasnetsov. General education in Vjatskom religious school and then seminary in Vyatka (not finished), which was also their first experience in drawing from NA Chernyshov. In 1867 he moved to St. Petersburg for several months, attended classes Kramskoy in Drawing School of the Society for the Promotion of Artists. In 1868 he joined the IAH, was engaged in PV Basin, VP Vereshchagin, SM Vorobiev, and VP Chistyakov. In 1869, for staging "Two nude artist's model and drawing from nature small awarded silver medals. A year later, a sketch for the painting "Christ and Pilate" was awarded a large silver medal. In 1874, released from the Academy. In the same year began to participate in exhibitions TPHV, becoming a member of the Association in 1878. in 1876-1877 traveled to Paris in 1877 exhibited his work in the Paris Salon. After returning from France for a short time he lived in Vyatka and St. Petersburg, in 1878 moved to Moscow. Friends with Mamontov. Summer 1879-1880 Okhtirka spent in a village near the estate near Moscow Mamontov Abramtzevo. Summer months of 1881-1885 he worked in the estate itself. Actively participate in the activities Abramtsevo Art Circle, theatrical and literary evenings in the house Mamontov. In 1881-1882, designed the home performance "Snow Maiden" on the play by Alexander Ostrovsky. In those same years, with the participation of VD Polenova completed project Vernicle church with a chapel in Abramtzevo. He was engaged in construction and decoration of the temple, in particular, wrote a series of icons for the iconostasis, painted the choir, created a sketch of the mosaic floor. In 1883 the project Vasnetsov in Abramtsevo park was built arbor "hut on chicken legs." In 1883-1884 commissioned Rossiyskogo Historical Museum worked picturesque frieze panels, "The Stone Age». his works the artist quickly gained popularity. His paintings are in major collections of Russian art in the second half of XIX - beginning of the twentieth century: Pavel Tretyakov, KT Soldatenkova, I. Ostroukhov, S. ; Bakhrushin, Mamontov, J. E. Tsvetkov, MP Ryabushinsky, Grand Duke Sergei Alexandrovich, and many others. as scene-painter Vasnetsov worked with Mamontov's Private Russian Opera, doing sketches of costumes and scenery for productions of "Snow Maiden" by Rimsky-Korsakov's "Rusalka" by A. S. Dargomyzhsky, "Il Barbiere di Siviglia" G. Rossini (all - 1885), "Scarlet Rose" NS Krotkova (1886), "Enchantress" by PI Tchaikovsky. Took part in the millwork rezchitskoy workshop (from 1885), pottery workshop in Abramtzevo (since 1890), creating there a museum of folk art. In the 1890's - 1900's worked on projects for the samples of furniture Handicraft Museum of Moscow zemstvo and workshops of Sergiev Posad. In 1885 he traveled to Italy to get acquainted with Byzantine mosaics and paintings of the Italian Renaissance, visited Venice, Ravenna, Florence, Rome, Naples. From 1885 to 1891 he lived in Kiev where he created paintings Vladimir cathedral, the summer months spent in Abramtzevo. In 1891 he returned to Moscow and until 1896 every year traveled to Kiev for the completion of the Vladimir cathedral. In 1891, with the participation of VD Polenov designed the chapel over the tomb of AS Mamontov. in 1892 became a professor. In the 1893-1894 built by his own design house with a studio in Moscow. In 1895 he was elected an honorary member of the Academy of Fine Arts of Reims. In 1901, he completed work on the sketches and cartoons for the mosaics of Our Savior on Spilled Blood in St. Petersburg, started back in 1883. In 1896-1904 the sketch of the iconostasis of the St. George Church in Gus-Crystal, in 1899-1901 - cartoons for the mosaics of the Orthodox Church in Darmstadt, in 1901-1903 - sketches painted exteriors Faceted Chamber of the Moscow Kremlin. In 1900-1901 created a draft sketch of the facade and frieze majolica Tretyakov Gallery, which was subsequently made on a pottery factory Abramtzevo "in Butyrki and installed in 1903. In 1899-1903 he worked on a project at home, IE Tsvetkova at Prechistenskaya embankment and sketches majolica friezes for his presentation. In 1904-1913 fulfilled the icons for the iconostasis of the church of Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in Sofia, in 1906-1911 - sketches for the mosaics of Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in Warsaw. In 1899, in St. Petersburg was the first exhibition of the artist. It was followed by exhibitions in 1903 and 1905 in St. Petersburg, 1904, 1910, 1911-1912 - in Moscow. In the early 1900's Vasnetsov bought the estate in the village Vankova Dmitrov district, called them "New Ryabovo", where he lived the summer months. In 1900 he was elected a member of the Museum of Fine Arts in Moscow, in 1902 - an honorary member of the Stroganov School of Industrial Art in 1903 - an honorary member of the Kiev Society of Antiquities and Art in 1908 - an honorary member of Rossiyskogo historical museum. Together with his brother Apollinaria became one of the founders of the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vyatka. After the 1917 revolution was a member of the artistic association "Isograph». In 1924-1924 the master's works were exhibited in a traveling exhibition of Russian art in the United States and Canada. In 1926 the Museum-estate "Abramtsevo" was held last lifetime personal exhibition of works by Vasnetsov. In 1927, the State Tretyakov Gallery held a memorial exhibition of his paintings and drawings. Retrospective exhibitions were organized in 1948 and 1990-1991 in the State Tretyakov Gallery, in 1980 - the museum-reserve "Abramtzevo». Viktor Vasnetsov - an outstanding representative of Russian art of the last third of XIX - early XX centuries. In the early period (late 1860 - first half of 1870) he was close to the Wanderers, has been influenced by Ilya Repin. Later the artist's creative search focused on the formation of a national trend in Russian art. He has developed his own style, built on careful study of Byzantine and Old Russian art and architecture, folklore, folk traditions of fine and applied arts, in particular ornament, costume, wooden carvings and so on. Characteristic features easel paintings are narrative Vasnetsov, "literary" conception, coloristic and decorative graphic solutions, together with the academic approach to the composition construction. Vasnetsov Creativity is at the crossroads of realism, modernism and historicism, but consider the art of the artist, or even any one of the stages of his artistic biography exclusively in the context of a particular style or direction is not possible. Vasnetsov had a great influence on the work of many of his contemporaries, including artists Abramtsevo circle, becoming one of the founders of neo-Russian style of art. However, his art was perceived ambiguously and caused heated debates in society. Vasnetsov's works are in major museum collections in Russia and abroad: in the State Tretyakov Gallery, State Russian Museum, State Historical Museum, the Pushkin Museum im. Pushkin, Novgorod State Art Museum and the Kiev Museum of Russian Art, National Art Museum of the Republic of Belarus in Minsk, the Museum-Reserve "Abramtsevo" and many others. In Moscow, opened Museum Vasnetsov.
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