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Makovsky Konstantin Egorovich
painter and graphic artist. Born in Moscow in the family E. Makovsky - amateur artist, collector of art and public figure, one of the founders MUZhViZ. Brother artists Alexandra, Vladimir and Nikolai Makovsky. Original art education in the family and in VATropinin. In 1851 entered MUZhViZ, worked under the guidance of MI Scotti and S. Zaryanko. In 1858 continued his studies at IAH in St. Petersburg in the class of historical painting in Markov, FA Bruni and P. Shamshina. In 1861, refused to write a competitive pattern of a given program and received permission to elect its own theme for the competition on a small gold medal. In 1862, for the painting "The agents of the Pretender Dmitri kill his son Boris Godunov" was awarded the gold medal. In 1863 he became one of the participants' Bunta fourteen "by refusing to, among other young artists to compete for a gold medal. Came out of IAH class artist with a rank of 2 nd degree. In the same year entered the St. Petersburg Artel artists, led by NI Kramskoy, who soon left. In 1867, for painting "Seledochnitsa", "poor children", as well as portraits, was elected academician of IAH. In 1869, for painting "festivities during carnival at the Admiralty Square in St. Petersburg", "Manual of the mother", "Family Picture", "beyond the power of a burden", "Conversation" was awarded the title of academician. In 1870 he co-founded TPHV, participated in exhibitions of the Association in 1874-1875 and 1883-1884. In 1872, officially resigned from the members TPHV. In 1870 he traveled in Europe, visiting France, Italy, Holland, Germany, Bulgaria, Serbia. In 1876 traveled to the Middle East and Egypt. in 1883 in St. Petersburg, Moscow and Paris held the first solo exhibition of Konstantin Makovsky, which brought him fame in European art circles. He became a fashionable painter, and had many orders for portraits. Among its customers, and customers were P. Tretyakov, DV Stasov, AA Sidorov, I. Tsvetkov, K. T. Soldatenkov, A. Kuznetsov, AV Orlov-Davydov, VA Morozov, and many others. Since mid-1880 he lived mainly in Paris, where in 1893 the studio had. In 1885 at the World Exhibition in Antwerp for his film "Boyarsky wedding feast in the XVII century," the artist received the highest honors. In 1889 at the World Exhibition in Paris for the painting "The Death of Ivan the Terrible," the Court of Paris, "" The Demon and Tamara "was awarded the Order of the Legion of Honor and the gold medal. In 1890 became one of the founding members of the St. Petersburg Society of Artists. In 1898 he was elected a member of the IAH. Collaborated with the magazine "Niva", which played all of his major paintings. Together with SN Kramskoy wrote and published "A Memoir of Artel». In 1915, tragically killed in a street accident, after hitting his crew with the tram. Makovsky Memorial Exhibition was organized in 1916 in the halls of the Society for the Encouragement of Arts in Petrograd. In 1997, the State Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow, an exhibition, "Family Makovsky. In 2005 the master's works were among the central exhibits captive beauty. Russian academic and salon art 1830 - 1910-ies "in the State Tretyakov Gallery in Krymsky Val. Konstantin Makovsky - one of the largest and most famous Russian painters of the second half of XIX century. He is a master painting techniques, skills to build tracks and worked in a variety of genres - portrait, landscape, created historical paintings and decorative panels. The creative search for the master were linked to a greater extent with the study of purely artistic problems of color and form, rather than with the solution of social and psychological issues that distinguished the work of many of his contemporaries, especially the Wanderers. This Makovsky earned a reputation as "the artist's salon. His works are distinguished artistic performance, an abundance of detailed prescription accessories, vibrant colors, even in the monumental works of the genre character. In the later period, he often varied the most popular motifs of his paintings. Works of Konstantin Makovsky are in many Russian and foreign collections, including the State Tretyakov Gallery, State Russian Museum, Museum Hilvud in the United States.
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