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Milioti Nikolay Dmitrievich
painter, graphic artist, set designer. occurred from a merchant family, the brother of the artist VD Milioti. In 1894-1900 he studied at MUZhViZ first as an auditor, and from 1897 - a permanent student. Worked under the guidance of AE Arkhipov, NA Kasatkin, S. Ivanov, Leonid Pasternak, KA , Korovin, Valentin Serov. From 1898, he attended lectures on the historical-philological faculty of Moscow University. However, the full course of study is not finished. In 1896-1898, 1902-1906, 1911-1912 has made a trip to Europe. In Paris he studied at private schools, workshops D. Whistler, F. Kolarossi, was engaged in the academies Vitti and Julien, where his mentor was G. Laurent and J.-J. Benjamin Constant. Attended lectures at the Sorbonne. lived in Moscow. In 1904 joined the Union of Russian Artists. In 1906 took part in the exhibition of Russian art, organized by SP Diaghilev in Paris and then in Berlin. By his own admission the artist, was the first among all the exhibitors, whose works were in the Parisian private collections. In the same year exhibited his work at the exhibition association "World of Art». In 1907, together with fellow students on MUZhViZ (PV Kuznetsov, NN Sapunov, S. Yu Sudeikin, P. S. Utkin, and others) became one of the organizers of the exhibition "Blue Rose" in Moscow, as well as a founding member of society "Free aesthetics. In 1907 was the first solo exhibition Milioti in Brussels. In 1908-1909 exhibited his works in the Vienna Secession. In 1910 he was one of the initiators of the resumption of the World of Art, participated in its exhibitions in 1912-1916 was a member of the Committee of association. Engaged magazine graphics, collaborated with the magazines "Golden Fleece" (1906) and "Apollo" (1910). In 1910 he received an honorary gold medal at the International Art Exhibition in Brussels. In 1915, drafted into the army with the rank of lieutenant, served in the Carpathians. In June 1917, at the request of twenty-three artists in Moscow before the Provisional Government was released from military service and discharged. In 1918-1920 he lived in Yalta, he was Chairman of the Commission for the Protection of artistic treasures of the Crimea. In 1920 he moved to Sofia. In 1921-1922 he lived in Berlin, in 1923 he settled in Paris. Collaborated in the magazine "Art of the Slavs", published in Vienna and Leipzig. Since 1924 worked as an artist-decorator in the doll "Theater wooden comedians" Yu L. Sazonova, Slonim. In 1924-1925 about a year lived in the U.S., then returned to Paris. From 1926 he taught at the Institute of Decorative Arts, in 1929-1930 - in the Russian art academy TL Sukhotin-Tolstoy. He was a union of workers in the Russian art in France, in 1931 became a member of the board. In 1940-1942 he lived in Biarritz. After the war, visited Rome, Nice, Avignon. In the early 1950's lived in Germany. While in exile, continued to participate in many exhibitions of Russian art as outside the Soviet Union and at home: in 1922 - Van Diemen Gallery in Berlin and Stedeliyk Museum in Amsterdam in 1924 - in Philadelphia in 1925 - in retrospective exhibition "Masters" Blue Roses "at the State Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow, in 1927 - in the latest exhibition" World of Art "in a Parisian gallery Bernheim, Jr., in 1929 - in Copenhagen and many others. Milioti solo exhibitions were organized in Paris in 1929, 1930 (gallery VO Hirshman), in 1931 and 1938 (gallery "Charpentier"), in 1942 and 1949 - in Biarritz. Milioti - one of the brightest representatives of Russian Symbolism. The heyday of his work falls on 1900-e - 1910. The artist's works, as well as other goluborozovtsev differ desire for decorative and expressive color. For pictures Milioti characterized by lyricism, vague, mysterious ways, though soluble in the picturesque element, sonorous colors. the master's works are in many museum and private collections, including the State Tretyakov Gallery and the State Russian Museum.
Пейзаж со слонами
Year: 1911
Genre: Painting
Technique: масло, Холст
Size: 44,5х66,5
Price on request
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