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Voroshilov Igor Vasilievich
painter, poet, essayist. studied at the School of Music (1950-1955), cinema studies at the Faculty of VGIK (1957-1962). in painting started in 1959 after an acquaintance with a painting of Van Gogh's "Landscape at Auvers. «coup took place in the summer of 1958. My classmate Vasiliev ... took me somehow in the Pushkin Museum. I saw "Landscape at Auvers, Van Gogh, which shook me to the ground. ... 26 April 1959 I finally decided that the cause of my life - painting, and since then, and until this day mazhu - good or bad. ... "Landscape at Auvers," I still think the moral and spiritual catechism of modern times. Van Gogh in the film embodies the idea of purification, a catharsis so powerful, that accounts for only regret that modern painting, loss of spiritual eyes, so criminally ignored this immutable fact ... humiliate, defile and destroy the human soul - is fashionable nowadays. But this fashion, except that it is frivolous and criminal, does not bode well either for those who corrupts, or those who corrupts. It promises universal destruction, and it will be a natural retaliation. In such a threatening situation, "Landscape at Auvers," shines as a ray of salvation, as lightning tears washed away the mud and ruin, made in the world by the same people »(IV Voroshilov). Until 1966 worked as an editor at the studios in Moscow. part of the so-called Vassilyevsky creative group, organized by Alexander Vasilyev (son of one of the brothers Vassiliev, a student at State Institute of Cinematography). This group also included Vladimir Pyatnitskii and Vladimir Yakovlev, the poet Gennady Aigi, writer Alexander Tudalov, philologist Nikolai Kotrelev and others. One time a Vasiljevskaya group was close and Anatoly Zverev. in 1962 held the first personal (apartment) exhibition of the artist, organized by Vadim Stolyarov. In subsequent years, participated in domestic and international group exhibitions, including: 1970 - Exhibition Nuove correnti a Mosca (Museo Belle Arti, Lugano, Switzerland); 1974 - 2 nd autumn parade pictures "outdoors" (Forest Park Izmailovo, Moscow); 1974 - Exhibition of Progressive Stromungen in Moskau 1957-1970 (Museum Bochum, Bochum, Germany); 1975 - Exhibition of works by Moscow artists (pavilion "House of Culture", Exhibition Center, Moscow); 1990 - exhibition "Vladimir Yakovlev, Anatoly Zverev, Igor Voroshilov (Central House of Writers, Moscow); 1991 - "Other Art" Moscow. 1956-76 (State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow); 1991-2005 - Exhibition "Triple Portrait", with S. Afanasyev and E. Kurochkin (gallery "New Hermitage", Moscow). in 1988 took place last Tchaikovsky's solo exhibition of Igor Voroshilov, organized an informal club of Kiev. It had presents the most recent works by the artist - with a typical "Martian" color and "Martian" names. The exhibition was a great success and left the artist a bright impression. «All my life I suspected: the soul in me hohlyatskaya, gentle. That, and felt particularly in Kiev », - Voroshilov said after the exhibition. friend Voroshilov, poet Gennady Aigi, wrote about his painting: « Voroshilov was born in the cradle of colors. He harmonize them, bringing them up to the sound of the musical, which he loved in the works of masters of the European Renaissance (remember how he was happy when I discovered Purcell). Igor Voroshilov passed through the present, preserving this special harmony of his work, the essence of which will resemble a beloved ... Velimir Khlebnikov ... In his "unmodern" Voroshilov will always remain contemporary for those who will open his unique painting ». beaches are a girl, expressive static boys, strange lyrical landscapes - loved Voroshilov motives. In his landscapes do not distinguish between seasons, specific features of the terrain. This mapping of internal states - human sinfulness, fear of death and hope for salvation, a story about the inner world and - prayer. His portraits - portraits of souls, the living and immortal: «... I do not paint people, I paint angels. In my portraits of all the women guess yourself ... » Igor Voroshilov wrote poems, essays about art. In 1989, shortly before his death, he began to write a treatise on painting ». «In our time of infinite mental exercises forgotten the word Harmony. Forgot your word Beauty. And, as Thomas Aquinas said, "beauty belongs to the Trinity - is the third attribute of Deity." Forgot the word genius, and so there is no creativity ... I know the words of Pushkin: "If all the so-felt force of harmony. Harmony can not explain ... Art is only tsvetosoznanie peace and nothing more. If I do not understand that the violet - madness, and red - anger, I do not see anything as a painter. My understanding of the simplest painting: vivid-write. Each color should be a visual aid for a child ... let it be blue sky without end ».
Мужской портрет.
Year: 1970-е
Technique: Картон, темпера
Size: 48,3 × 36,5
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