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Masterkova Lidiya Alexeevna
... The plane of the picture - this is the limited space in which I I build my world. L. Masterkova Painter. As a child, taking lessons at the Dramatic Art Stanislavsky, was fond of theater, music, poetry. Studied at the Moscow Art School (1943-1946), first teacher was a novice artist Michael Perutsky. Since 1946 she studied at the Moscow Art College of memory in 1905. was a Lianozovo group. In 1950 one of the first to engage in abstract art, and all remained faithful to this direction. «All the time with unabated strength in her abstract compositions that burn and glitter, the twinkle prituhayuschim fire magic paint. I think it suits all the time from different angles to the surface of the magical cloth. Sometimes the cheerful brightness of the burning sounds, waving and carrying upwards of strange shapes reminiscent of Bach organ chords, and sometimes greenish-gray woven plane, associated with biological forms, associated with "creationism" Milhaud. Patterned Masterkova says a lot. It organizes the spots on the plane and the nature of colorful accents. It is very peculiar and is the author "(L. Kropyvnytskyi. 1965). Masterkova loves working cycles series. Among the most famous and important are such as "Planets" (1976), "Meteorites" (1981-1982), "triptychs" and numerous "Tracks", which the artist often devoted to a particular person. artist often applies to a circle, as if solves the problem of balance and completeness of the plastic form. «All - in a circle. And the circle will never get anywhere. All back to square one. No terms nothing could be. Once I wrote a lot about it » (From an interview with L. Masterkova, 24. 01. 2006 .). Executed on paper, these images create a sense of cosmic, they are mysterious and full of mystical power. Sometimes it seems that both can look mysterious images of the planets, made from the distant cosmos. The character drawings in the compositions are very unusual. Ink wet creates the impression of living a vibrating surface, which has almost palpable effect. Lydia Masterkova early start to participate in art exhibitions. Her first solo exhibition was held in 1961 at the home of art-IV Tsirlina. She was a member of acclaimed Moscow exhibitions: 1967 - Exhibition of works of the twelve artists "(Club" Friendship "on the highway of Enthusiasts, Moscow). This exhibition was shut down two hours after opening day, with the works of L. Masterkova were removed before the opening of the exhibition; 1974 - 1 st autumn parade pictures "outdoors" - the so-called. "Bulldozer Exhibition" (Moscow); 1974 - 2 nd autumn parade pictures "outdoors", Forest Park Izmailovo (Moscow); 1974 - Progressive Stromungen in Moskau 1957-1970 (Museum Bochum, Bochum, Germany); 1975 - painting exhibition of Moscow artists (pavilion "Beekeeping", Exhibition Center, Moscow). In 1975 Lydia Masterkova emigrated to France. Today, she lives in the picturesque village of San-Laurent, 300 km from Paris, taking care of their numerous pets. «In France, I live quietly as a mouse, I just worked and I was there to talk» . (From an interview with L. Masterkova, 24. 01. 2006.) In recent years, it basically creates a graphic series in the technique of collage. After moving to the West Lydia Masterkova a lot of work and actively exhibited in France, the USA, Switzerland, Germany and Italy. In Paris in 1976 collaborated with the gallery Dina Verni, where in the same year was her solo exhibition. Works Lydia Masterkova located in the State Tretyakov Gallery (Moscow), Museum of Modern Art (USA), Museum of Zimmerly (USA), in the collections of Dina Verny (France), Norton Dodge (USA), etc.
Year: 1973
Genre: Graphics
Technique: Бумага, тушь, коллаж
Size: 71,5х50 (в свету)
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