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Stepanov Alexey Stepanovich
painter and graphic artist. Born into a military family members of Sevastopol Defense. Early left an orphan, spent his childhood in Razumovskoye branch Orphan Institute of Emperor Nicholas I in Moscow. Original art education in the Constantine Land Survey Institute, which he graduated in 1870. In 1880 attended classes in MUZhViZ until 1883 as irregular, in 1883-1884 - a permanent student. He studied at the IM Pryanishnikova, ES Sorokin and AK Savrasov. In 1883, for drawing and sketch for the painting "The father and son, or the Military conversation" was awarded a small silver medal. A year later, a picture of the same name was awarded a large silver medal and released from the academy with the title of the class artist. lived in Moscow. In 1883, when Stepanov was still at MUZhViZ, began his collaboration with the magazine "Nature and Hunting", which lasted until 1895. Summer months of 1886-1887, he worked with I. Levitan and SP Kuvshynnykova in Savvinskaya settlement near Zvenigorod. In 1888-1889 traveled with them on the Oka and Volga, to Pleso. In those same years, met with Chekhov. In 1894, he traveled to Europe, visited Germany, France, Switzerland, Northern Italy. In 1896-1897 repeatedly visited the Crimea. Since 1885 participated in exhibitions of the Moscow Society of Art Lovers. In 1891 he joined TPHV, becoming the permanent exhibitors' Association until 1910 (with breaks). Two works from exhibitions Stepanova TPHV in 1889-1890 and 1891-1892 were purchased by PM Tretyakov. In 1900, exhibited his work at the World Exhibition in Paris. Since 1899 (until 1918) led the class in MUZhViZ animalistic. In 1903 became one of the founders and active participants of exhibitions of the Union of Russian Artists (until 1923). In 1905, for the painting "Morning greetings elected as an academician. In 1905 traveled to the south of France, in 1907, visited Paris, Vichy, Mentone, Trouville, in 1912 - Finland and the Crimea. The summer months from 1906 to 1914 he lived and worked in Lake Udomlia in Tver province. In 1911, exhibited his paintings at the World Exhibition in Rome in 1914 - at the International Exhibition in Munich. After the revolution, continued to work actively and participate in the exhibition activities. Work Stepanova were presented at the XVII exhibition of paintings of Moscow and Petrograd artists in 1917 in Moscow and in other exposures. Retrospective exhibition of works of past masters in 1941 in the Exhibition Hall of the Union of Artists in Moscow in 1948 - the State Tretyakov Gallery (with S. Korovin), in 1959 (held in conjunction to the 100 anniversary of his birth) and 1976 - in Moscow (place unknown). Stepanov - one of the largest landscape and animalists the XIX-XX centuries. In his early work was dominated genre paintings, executed in the tradition of the Wanderers under the influence of teachers - Pryanishnikova and Sorokin - and tells us about the events of everyday life. However, they have already manifested poetic perception of life and a special warmth that distinguish the best works of the artist. In the works of 1900's - 1910-x Stepanov paid special attention to the transfer of various moods of nature: a gentle sadness, tranquility, cheerfulness. In his paintings, he used many methods of the Impressionists, he wrote in the open air in a free manner, broad and sketchy. The favorite technique of graphic artist's gouache, opaque colors that are matte, velvety tone. Just a few strokes he could very accurately convey in his paintings of light and air, sometimes barely perceptible change in the atmosphere. In the pictures of the master of color affects the freshness and immediacy of live perception, immediate impression of what is happening. creativity of the artist is represented in museum and private collections, including the State Tretyakov Gallery, State Russian Museum, Pushkin Museum im. Pushkin.
Year: Начало 1900-х
Genre: Painting
Technique: масло, Бумага на картоне
Size: 24,2х16
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