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Zverev Anatoly Timofeevich
painter and graphic artist. studied at the Moscow Art College of memory 1905 (for 1954). Expelled from school, has emerged as an artist largely independently, but "education" received in the halls of the Tretyakov Gallery and the Museum of Fine Arts. Pushkin, where he frequented. Exhibitions since 1957. pathbreaker talent Zvereva was a collector and connoisseur of art A. Rumnev; in the future (from 1959 to 1964) the artist has collaborated with famous Moscow collector GD Kostaki. In 1957, A. Zverev won a gold medal at the VI World Festival of Youth and Students in the International Workshop of Plastic Arts. participated in many landmark exhibitions in Russia and abroad, including: 1967 - Exhibition of works by 12 artists of Moscow (club "Friendship", Moscow), exhibition of paintings and drawings from the collection of A. Glezer (Georgia); 1970 - Exhibition Nuove correnti a Mosca (Museo Belle Arti, Lugano, Switzerland); 1974 - Exhibition of Progressive Stromungen in Moskau 1957-1970 (Museum Bochum, Bochum, Germany); 1975 - exhibitions in the pavilions of "Beekeeping" and "House of Culture" on VDNH (Moscow); 1991 - "Other Art" Moscow. 1956-76 (State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow); 1995 - Exhibition of works from the collection of Alexander Glezer (Museum of Private Collections, GMII im. Pushkin, Moscow). 1996 - "Nonconformists - the second Russian Avant-Garde 1955-1988. From the collection of J. Bar-Gera (State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow); Since 1976 - participant of exhibitions in Malaya MOKHG Georgia, 28 (Moscow). Since 1967 the animal was an exhibitor dozens of exhibitions abroad, including the Museum of Modern Art (New York, 1967), the Museum of Contemporary Russian Art (Montgeron, France: 1979, 1981, 1985) in the Museum of Soviet Unofficial Art (Jersey City, United States: 1980, 1981, 1982) and others. artist's first solo exhibition was held in 1965 in the Gallerie Motte in Paris and then in Geneva (organizer Igor Markevitch). In all, more than 20 personal exhibitions Zvereva, including in major Russian museums, such as Saratov State Art Museum. Radishshev (Saratov, 1991), Museum of Private Collections in GMII im. Alexander Pushkin (Moscow, 1994), The State Tretyakov Gallery (Moscow, 1999), State Historical Museum (Moscow, 2003). «... Zverev - the first Russian expressionist of the twentieth century and a mediator between early and late in the avant-garde in Russian art ... For many periods of his work he used a three-color technique - using a white sheet and three colors he created romantic still lifes, portraits and painted the tree trunks ... the beast said: "This artist, even if he does not have one, and paint, should be able to paint with a piece of earth or clay." He recorded everything that surrounded him. Zverev very, very much to draw, where he could ... He was well-known hikes in the zoo with many notebooks in which he painted animals and birds, were probably the peak of his creativity ... "(George Kostaki). «... He belonged to that, quite small, the generation of artists which, contrary to the country's socio-political situation and the almost total domination of the social recruited art, lived and worked under the laws of freedom of choosing for a category of personal independence as a precondition for creativity ... »(G. Manevich. The fate of Anatoly Zverev). 
Year: 1963
Genre: Graphics
Technique: Бумага, акварель, уголь
Size: 59,5х57,3
Price on request
Year: 1986
Genre: Graphics
Technique: Бумага, гуашь
Size: 52х38
Price on request
Year: 1965
Genre: Painting
Technique: масло, Бумага
Size: 61,5х85,5 (в свету)
Price on request
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