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Tcherkessof Yury Yurievich
Graphic artist, painter. Biographical information about the artist is extremely scarce. Cherkesov - a descendant of the Decembrist VP Ivashev. In 1917-1925 he studied successively in the State of free art workshops VHUTEMAS, VHUTEINe in Petrograd, worked for Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin and AI Savinov. In 1919 he married the daughter of Alexander Benois, in 1920, son Alexander, who later became an artist. worked primarily in the field of book graphics. In 1920 worked in Petrograd and Moscow publishing houses, has created a typography A. Belensona "Gates close" (1922), W. Hauff "Tales" (1923), NK Chukovskogo "Tantalena "(1925), L. Borisova" Silly stove "(1925), B. Zhitkova" Evil Sea "(1925). In 1922 he wrote and illustrated children's book "The Feast of toys", in 1925 issued a coloring book "Toys". He was also engaged easel graphics. In 1922, together with BM Kustodiev, A. Benoit and NA Benoit painted inn "Berry" in Petrograd, in 1925 created the decorative panels for the theater-cabaret "Cricket on the Hearth on Nevsky Prospect. Participated in exhibition of modern paintings and drawings in Petrograd in 1918, paintings by Russian artists in Pskov in 1920, the World of Art in Petrograd in 1922, as well as in a traveling exhibition of Russian art in the United States in 1924-1925. In 1925 he emigrated to France, traveled around the country, creating watercolor landscapes of its provincial parts, performed a series of neighborhoods of Paris, which enjoyed great popularity among collectors and art lovers. Exhibited his work in the Salon d'Automne, Salon Independent and the Tuileries. Worked for the fashion house. in 1937 at the International Exhibition in Paris, received a gold medal for the woodcut "The Song of Songs. He continued to work hard as an artist book, in particular, designed the album "Playing songs" (1933). June 22, 1941 was arrested and placed in a concentration camp Compiegne. In early 1943 has been released. In the same year held the first exhibition of the artist in Paris, which brought him fame in European art circles. However, shortly after her for unknown reasons, had committed suicide. Buried in the cemetery of Saint Genevieve de Bois. Cherkesov Memorial Exhibition held in 1944 in the Independent Salon in Paris. In 1963, held a retrospective exhibition of works by the artist in Museé Meudon outside Paris. In 1997 in Paris at the Hotel de Sens, an exhibition, "From Russia - the Soviet Union", dedicated to children's book, which among other things have been submitted and work Cherkesov. artistic heritage of the artist is still waiting for its recognition and systematization. Cherkesov works are in several museum collections in Russia and Europe, among them - the State Russian Museum in St. Petersburg and the British Museum in London.
Year: 1921
Genre: Graphics
Technique: акварель, Бумага верже, итальянский карандаш
Size: 31,5х42
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