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Karinskaya Anna Nikolaevna
1871 (Tot’ma, Vologda province) — December 30 (31), 1931 (Moscow)  Painter, graphic artist  Karinskaya came from a noble family. She did not receive classic art education. Karinskaya followed the painter A. A. Kiselev’s advices in painting (late 1890s — early 1900s).  Karinskaya lived in Tot’ma, Vologda and Moscow. In 1900–1910s she made a lot of trips to the Northern Dvina, Sukhona, Vologda province; she also visited Veliky Ustyug, Tuapse (1900–1901) and Nice.  Karinskaya painted landscapes, interiors. She participated in the exhibitions of Moscow Society of Art Lovers (1893–1913, since 1911 — member of this society), the Society of Travelling Art Exhibitions (TPKhV, 1895–1922), the exhibition of Russian artists in the gallery Lemercier (1913), the exhibition of watercolors and drawings of Russian artists (1914), the exhibition The artists to the comrades soldiers (1914) and Moscow painters to the War victims in Moscow (1914–1915). Karinskaya was one of the founders and permanent member of the Northern Circle of Art Lovers in Vologda (1908–1918). Karinskaya helped to organize Museum of Art in Vologda. Since 1916 Karinskaya lived in the asylum for widows and orphans of Russian artists named after P. M. Tretyakov. In 1918 she took part in the 6th exhibition of northern painters in Vologda and the exhibition of paintings, sculpture and art industry in Ryazan. In 1920 she participated in the First Kozmodemyansk exhibition of paintings, sketches and drawings.  Works by Anna Karinskaya are in many museum collections, including the State Tretyakov Gallery, Vologda Picture Gallery and others.
Bank of the northern Dvina river.
Year: 1900-1910-е
Genre: Painting
Technique: масло, Холст на картоне
Size: 36 х 60,5
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