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Мединский не войдёт в состав нового правительства РФ
Сегодня появилась новость о том, что возглавляющий министерство культуры с 2012 года Владимир Мединский покинет свой пост »
21 Январь 2020
Эксперты подтвердили подлинность «странного» автопортрета Ван Гога
Сегодня эта работа считается единственным автопортретом, созданным художником в период обострения его болезни »
21 Январь 2020
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Graphics of the Society of Easel Artists (OST)
Year of publication: 2009
Price: rub.

The gallery published illustrated research catalogue to the exhibition "Graphics of the Society of Easel Artists (OST)". The catalogue contains the chronology of Moscow art life and life of the Society of Easel Artists in 1922–1932; the excerpts from art critiques of that time with magazine illustrations, which provide insight into that difficult and contradictory epoch, the heat of the struggle in art circles. The biographies of 39 artists were published for the first time in the catalogue. Besides the illustrations of exposed works, the exhibition catalogue includes more than 100 illustrations, which concern art tendencies in the Society of Easel Artists: book illustrations of OST artists, illustrations in the press of 1920s–1930s. The articles and the illustrations in the catalogue could be good reference material for further research work.

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