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Painters of K. Goleizovsky theatre
Year of publication: 2012
Price: 1500 rub.

The exhibition dated for the 120 anniversary since the birth of the outstanding Russian ballet master Kasyan Goleyzovsky was organized together with GTsTM of A. A. Bakhrushin, the Museum of the Bolshoi theater of Russia, the State central museum of cinema, the Russian state archive of literature and art and "Preservation of a Creative Heritage of Kasyan Goleyzovsky" fund.
Kasyan Goleyzovsky – one of sign figures of the Russian ballet of the XX century. He was an innovator in dance art, the experimenter who opened a modern language of dance on the basis of the classical ballet. Goleyzovsky was also gifted artist who was perfectly knowing expressive language of graphics.

The exhibition covered the period from the middle of the 1910th till 1932. It was very considerable and fruitful stage in K. Goleyzovskogo-baletmeyster's life. The beginning and blossoming of his creativity of the early period are connected with process of formation and development of the Russian vanguard theater 1910-h-1920-h of years in which it made the major contribution. These years Goleyzovsky cooperated with talented and close to him on spirit artists for whom this period became time of their highest achievements in theater. At an exhibition works of eleven artists who were carrying out his theatrical projects together with Kasyan Goleyzovsky will be presented: P.S.Galadzheva, Dani, V. A. Yefimova, N. A. Musatova, A. G. Petritsky, G. A. Pozhidayev, A. M. Rodchenko, M. M. Sapegin, N. I. Sibiryakovoy-Goleyzovskaya, B.R.Erdmana, S. I. Yutkevich, and also K. Ya. Goleyzovsky's work.

The exhibition was followed by the volume scientific catalog in which 205 works (some were published – for the first time) Besides, in the catalog the detailed illustrated chronicle of events of creative life of Goleyzovsky from 1909 to 1932, made on the basis of archival documents and scientific publications is given. All materials of the catalog are followed by illustrations from magazines of the 1910-1920th years, rare photos from private and state archives.

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